Why should we train our dogs?

Dogs are considered a part of our family and we want to be able to enjoy them and their interactions with our families and friends. We want them to fit into our daily routines and schedules for work and school. A well behaved dog is sociallyacceptable and can interact with people and other dogs in a positive manner.


How do I know what kind of training I need for my dog?

Most dog parents want a dog who is well behaved and can share their home without being a cause of stress or embarrassment

For the majority of dog parents Basic Obedience is the key to accomplishing these goals.


What does basic obedience give me as a dog parent?

Basic Obedience gives you the basis for all training. When you were a kid in school you learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Without knowledge of these basic principles you couldn’t advance to a higher form of math. With Basic Obedience for your dog, you BOTH learn the basic commands of Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Heel!


What training methods can you use?

AM Dog Training uses simple training methods of treat training and positive reinforcement. We do not use Electronic Shock Collars!


How long does it take to teach my dog a simple command?

Each dog and dog parent are different so it’s hard to say what will work for you time wise. However, the lesson always comes with home work for you and your dog. You will find that the more you put into the training the more you and your dog will get out of it.


Is there a secret to training my dog?

There is no secret that I am aware of. The key to your success is too learn from the instruction and then, practice, practice practice. Your dog needs repetition, patience and consistency!!!!!


Does AM Dog Training have group classes?

We do not do group training as there are too many distractions and not enough individualized training. We recognize that group lessons may be more cost efficient but there is also sacrifice on the time spent with each individual in the group.


So, now that you know why, what and how we train, what’s next?

I am a professional trainer with many years of experience training dogs and helping people solve their doggy behavioral problems. I can help you train your dog and accomplish your training goal.


What is required of you?

For your training to be successful you must have patience, be consistent and commit to numerous repetitions. Spending time with your dog and teaching them good behaviors is a rewarding and very beneficial to a good relationship.


Please remember that many dogs end up in shelters because their owners cannot handle them. Make sure the dog you choose fits you and your family.

 and spend time giving it the training it needs.