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So, you got a new puppy for Christmas and you have no idea how to train him/ her. Now what do you do? Do you take the puppy to one of the big chain stores where you can buy all your doggy needs and sign up for their training classes or do you choose a professional trainer from the internet or do  take on the challenge yourself? Or, do you do nothing?


Doing nothing is the cheapest and easiest path in terms of mental, physical, financial and emotional energy expended but in the long run in may end up being the most “expensive” in more ways than one. 

You go through your daily routine and fit the dog lessons in as you go. Every interaction with your dog is a lesson for him.

You’re rushing around at 6:30 am, trying to get ready for work. when you first get up, your cute, little puppy has to go outside for his morning bathroom visit. Because you hit the snooze button one too many times, you are behind schedule and have to rush the pup to do his business. i know from personal experience that sometimes backfires on you. So  now you put his food down for him to eat. Your running late so you figure while he’s occupied eating his breakfast you’ll just sneak off and finish dressing. Meanwhile, your puppy discovers your missing and rather than finish his food he decides to wander off and look for you. On his way, he realizes, “hey, I forgot to poop while was out there” so he finds a spot on his way to you. Now, you see him coming to you and you pick him up to take him back to his food and, yup, you found the little surprise he left you. This is probably one of the beginning points where you start to think you may need help with this training.


Check back next week to start exploring the other ways to choose what type of train


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