The courses listed below all deal with obedience commands which should be an essential part of your dog's life.Many dogs who are ill behaved and uncontrollable are taken to shelter and abandoned by their owners.


Basic Obedience

Learning the basic commands of Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and Come. These are the basic commands that you and your dog will learn that can be built upon and used throughout the life of your dog.


Advanced Obedience

Consists of expanding on the Basic commands and learning motion commands. With the additional commands learned in this course you may find motion commands give you more control or your dog when the are a short distance away from you.



Off leash training consists of all the commands learned in the basic and advanced courses and learning Off Leash in an enclosed area. With practice of the skills and commands you and your dog learn in this course you will be better able to control your dog when he or she is off leash.